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Unveiled Fitness offers a unique way to get fit. We offer a complete workout combining the benefits of strength training, yoga, Pilates, dance and cardio through pole fitness and pole dancing. We are far from the traditional gym…

Unveiled Fitness

Unveiled Fitness is a premier pole fitness and dance studio in Orange County. We are far from the traditional gym – slow, sensual music lures you in, soft intimate lighting illuminates your skin, instructors encourage and support you throughout your tranquil and yet invigorating fitness workout. Our classes include learning, developing and mastering strength-building pole tricks, seductive floor work, and personal dance allowing you to express yourself in a whole new way.

Unveiled Fitness has emerged as the perfect way for women to get fit, have fun and at the same time, truly embrace the reason they want to tone and shape their bodies–to be sexy and self confident! Unveiled Fitness is just for women, providing a challenging workout, calming environment and supportive program you have to experience to believe! Our mission is to empower women to own their sensuality, relax and let loose, all while getting a challenging pole fitness workout which leaves you feeling sexy, confident and more aware of your body than ever before.

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Get fit and still feel beautiful, sensual and sexy.
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