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Unveiled Fitness is a concept in women’s workouts that truly focuses on the reason women go to the gym, diet, run, go to yoga, kick box, spin—it’s all to look better and build a strong self-image. But we don’t stop there. We want our members to be able to feel amazingly sexy during the workout. Our instructors turn the “taboo” of Pole Dancing into the best workout you’ve ever experienced. Every studio is different and we invite you to come see why we believe we offer the best environment and the most engaging, professional and supportive instructors around.

Unveiled Fitness really is a place Where Workouts are Beautiful.
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The greatest workout of all times! A single class includes an hour of core training and an hour of pole work. I have lost twenty pounds in the last nine months, have more muscles and less body fat that any other time in my life and Unveiled is the difference. I hope to be 90 years old and still dancing at this studio.
D. M.
Unveiled is nothing short of fantastic. This studio has it all; big, comfortable rooms, plenty of poles, no mirrors, soft, flattering lighting, knowledgable, encouraging instructors and supportive classmates. Whether you are looking to improve your gravity-defying pole acrobatics, simply work on letting out your inner seductress, or just get the best workout of your life, this studio is the place to be!
Eliza B.
I can’t say enough about this place. I started here a couple years ago and got in the best shape of my life. I took a break while I was pregnant, and all I could think about was when could I get back in there. Not only is it addicting and fun, but everyone there (including all the instructors) are SO nice and genuine. I look foward to my mondays!
Breanna S.

Why Pole Dancing?

When one thinks of “women’s fitness,” it’s usually in the context of exercises designed to lose pounds, tighten those glutes or flatten the stomach — the things women seem to be most concerned about, physically. Sensuality and feeling sexy aren’t things women think about as part of the workout. Unveiled Fitness provides women a completely unique way to get in shape and boost their self-esteem at the same time.

Pole Dancing is one of the most comprehensive and results-oriented workouts possible. It demands the strength of gymnastics, the focus of Yoga and gets the heart racing better than any treadmill. What makes Pole Dancing so different, though, is that women don’t think of it as a workout. Instead, they are absorbed in the moves, the music, and the moment; free to express themselves in a way that they couldn’t imagine in a gym. The reality is, however, that Pole Dancing is a fantastic workout.

Despite its intensity and results, Pole Dancing moves at your pace. As your strength grows and your flexibility increases, you naturally want to try different moves; not just because they will further your toning and conditioning, but because there is something empowering and uniquely female about being able to perform Pole Dancing at a higher level. That’s why women find this kind of workout much more enjoyable and much easier to stick with. It is less of a requirement to stay fit and more of a guilty pleasure; something to look forward to rather than something forced. Results come faster when you enjoy what you are doing and we’re confident that you’ll keep coming back for the results and an experience that only a woman could appreciate.

Kristin Mason

kristinUnveiled Fitness Pole Dancing Studio in Orange County was created as a place where women can challenge and respect themselves, to be empowered by their femininity, and to surrender all judgments. In my search for a creative outlet, I discovered pole dancing. As a child, I spent my youth doing different styles of dance and later, tried various forms of fitness. I found that not only did pole dancing feed my body’s need for energy and fitness, but it has nourished my soul in a way that I never expected. It was out of this passion that I’ve opened Unveiled Fitness based on my desire to incorporate feminine sensuality with a higher standard of athleticism. As the art of pole dancing becomes more popular, Unveiled Fitness incorporates a more rigorous workout without sacrificing the sensuality of the movement. I firmly believe that, through pole dancing, women are given the opportunity to embrace and accept their bodies along with their spirits in their quest for fitness.

Annette L.

annetteheadMusic and dance have always been a deep passion of mine since I was a child and uponexperiencing Unveiled Fitness I knew it was going to be something very special. Throughout my junior and high school years, I was a cheerleader and became involved in gymnastics but always found myself wanting to make a deeper connection to the music that others never quite understood. Coming from a large Latin family, music and dance is a form of self-expression that is practically infused in the blood when you are born and has been fuel to my passion and desire for dance. Since beginning my journey here at Unveiled, I have had the pleasure of meeting and growing with such an amazing group of women that come from all walks of life. We are eternally bound together by our incredible journey. At Unveiled, I have found inspiration, courage, strength, self-acceptance, and confidence through dance and I am beyond the moon excited to share this gift with others. Unveiled has never been just a dance/fitness studio but a place of safety, empowerment, and passion for the everyday women to flourish. I am so honored to have the opportunity to teach at a place I call home.

Kelly B.

Working as Certified Personal Trainer and Health & Fitness Specialist for the past 10 years, my passion for fitness is endless. I am constantly motivated by watching people achieve their goals that at one time seemed unattainable. My road as a Fitness Specialist had begun at a young age while playing sports and being active. My career path took course while studying to become a Physical Therapist. During that time I worked with Orthopedic Surgeons and Rehab Specialists. The numerous injuries and unnecessary doctor appointments had turned on a new light for me. This had inspired me to venture into the Health and Fitness field. I had quickly found my passion in teaching people to create a healthy, strong, and functional body.

Katrina Laurinovics

I have been involved in fitness and athletic activities for most of my life – from competitive swimming through high school, recreational modern dance and ballet classes in college, running and yoga, I have always enjoyed trying many varied workouts, especially in a group setting. I have also acted as a mentor in half marathon training and fundraising programs, which was a great experience in helping teammates and charity while getting fit. While I still enjoy all of these activities, I tended to do some of everything without really dedicating myself to any particular skill.
I had wanted to try pole dancing for many years, but never made the leap to try it until someone told me about their experience taking their first class at Unveiled. That spurred my curiosity enough that I decided to try it out (on my own!) as an early birthday present to myself. That day changed my life – I was nervous going in, but surrounded by supportive and friendly classmates and teachers. I was also lucky enough to have the opportunity to observe an advanced class free dance and was in awe of their strength, grace, and confidence!
My journey at Unveiled has given me self-confidence that I have never had before, as well as the opportunity to really connect with myself and develop my own movement and dance. I am stronger and more expressive than I have ever been, and I have gained a wonderful group of friends among the students and teachers. I am excited and honored to share my passion through teaching others!

Summer Martinez

summer picSince I was a small child, I have always enjoyed being active whether it was gymnastics, tap, jazz, ballet, or cheerleading. Being involved in these activities gave me balance, was a wonderful creative outlet, made me feel part of a community where I excelled, and felt accepted. As I entered my adult years, I continued my active lifestyle, but often felt bored with my workouts. After trying spin, yoga, CrossFit, and several different boot camps I always felt there was something missing. When I entered a period in my life, where I was experiencing some dark and difficult times, I felt lost and was trying to salvage my identity, confidence, and what I was passionate about. It was around that time a family member encouraged me to take a class at Unveiled. That class changed my life…I felt excited, alive, and couldn’t wait to come back! I was captivated by the sensual movement, freedom of self-expression, and the supportive group of woman who embraced me at the studio. As I watched my body transform, and become physically stronger, so many other parts of me evolved…it was truly a form a therapy. Over the last five years as a student, I have felt my confidence improve, I regained my sense of self, I feel empowered, and fulfilled in a way I never thought possible! When I first began this journey, I had no idea pole dancing would develop into a passion that would help me achieve and excel in other areas of my life. I am excited and honored to share my love for pole and sensual movement with students.

Karrie Field

After being pregnant, for what felt like 5 years straight, I was ready to take back my body. I needed to start sharing all the love, care taking and nurturing I was giving my children with myself! And my husband was ready to have his wife back. So after loosing my breath trying to catch my 3 year old as he tested his bike without training wheels, I knew I had to start something. Boot camps and yoga gave me a kick start and built up my endurance, but the workouts became stagnant and I got bored. On a whim a few friends and I tried a class at Unveiled. The workout had all the things my body needed from strength training and endurance to flexibility. The pole tricks had everything my mind needed, a challenge! These were the things I was looking for and what I thought I needed to recapture myself. But to my surprise it was the movement, sensuality and dance that truly began to replenish my spirit. Gaining the ability to feel comfortable in my skin, to enjoy the way MY body moves, to find inspiration in the music and to receive encouragement from an amazing tribe of women are just a few things pole fitness have brought to my life. I am grateful for the opportunity to share these experiences as an instructor at Unveiled.