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Level 1

The first series of classes focuses on enhanced flexibility, strength, confidence, and exotic movement. Students build core strength and become comfortable with exotic movement. There will be a routine as well as a new pole trick introduced each week.

2Level 2

Level 2 enhances the mystique of your routines and pole tricks. The focus is more on building upper body strength and stamina, while increasing the intensity level. Routines are longer and more pole moves are introduced.

3Level 3

At Level 3, routines begin to incorporate more sensuality while, at the same time, increasing the level of physical difficulty. You will feel your body toning and building remarkable strength. At this level, inverted pole tricks are added to the routine and the warm-up focuses on breath and awareness of your body. The music now becomes completely integrated with the workout and you lose yourself in the movement, hardly aware of the physical demands you are placing on your body. In addition to class routine, you are encouraged to be creative and add improvisation, using your skills and strength to begin making workouts a personal expression.

4Level 4

Level 4 routines combine pole tricks, dance moves, and your own music selection, giving you the freedom to truly create your own, very personal workout. This level raises the intensity, focuses more on flow of movement and introduces even more complicated moves.

5Levels 5-8

Levels 5-8 demand the physical strength of a gymnast, the focus and balance of yoga and the stamina of a distance runner. Each month the class focuses on a different part of the body and workouts include the spinning pole, self-expression dance, and a continued development of your own personal style of Pole Dancing. At this level, you are executing moves and demanding performance from your body that is comparable to a professional dancer or an athlete.


Class Info & Format

The Unveiled Introduction to Pole Dancing. Spend 2 hours with us and understand how amazingly different Pole Dancing workouts are. You’ll learn the beginning warm-up, a sassy pole trick, and a hypnotic routine. You will leave inspired to come back. Introductory class fee: $32.00

Each 2 hour Class will include:

  • 45 min warm-up (Strength Training and Sensual Movement)
  • Pole Work – Dance Routine and/or Free Dance

Each session runs for eight weeks in order to build the proper strength, flexibility and confidence for the next session.

Floor Play Workshop

The Floor Play Workshop is dedicated to the newest floor movement and navigation, as well as wall work, and pirouettes. Variations of Shoulder rolls and stands, pikes, slithering kitty cats, walks and crawls. Leg Warmers are a must for this workshop.

Pole Workshop

Flow into the most advanced flying, flipping and FUN pole tricks at Unveiled Fitness! This 90 minute workshop allows you to learn and perfect the latest advanced pole tricks with transitions. Warm up with an intense full body stretch during the first 30 minutes, followed by 1 hour of the latest tricks demonstrated on YouTube & at pole shows. Finally classes dedicated to handsprings, layouts, pretzels, and elbow grip shoulder mounts. (A level 3/4 requirement)

Folding Chair Worksop

Learn how to utilize the Folding Chair!Your Unveiled Fitness Instructor will begin by breaking down chair inversions and movement, then lead you through a choreographed routine using all of your movements, inversions, slithers, and slides. Leg Warmers are highly suggested, and shoes are optional

Flexibility Training

Come train with David Garcia, Alethea Austins very own contortion trainer. David has been teaching and performing ariel arts and contortion for 10 years. He will lead you through a series of stretches to increase flexibility in your Splits, Backbends, Chest and Shoulders.

Unveiled Fitness Private

Schedule a 1 hour private class with one of our exceptional Instructors to improve and perfect your pole tricks, routines, and fitness ability. Each private class accommodates the students individual needs. Privates start at $100.

Unveiled Fitness Party

Unveiled Fitness parties are a fun and unique way to celebrate with your girlfriends! Led by one of our professional supportive instructors, each party will be customized to suit the theme and needs of the women in your party. Students will learn a flirty warm-up, beginning pole spins, and a routine. Please call for more information and pricing.

Foam Roller

This special 1.5 hour workshop will compliment your pole series by increasing blood flow & flexibility while decreasing tension in your muscles. The result is better physical well being leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the next trick! Other Benefits of myofascial release on foam rollers include:

  • Greater range of motion in joints; resulting in safe and fluid movements.
  • Less tension; decrease in chronic pain and stiffness.
  • Increase muscle endurance, stamina, and functionality.
  • Improvement of circulation and recovery in muscles.
  • Reduce and maintain muscle imbalances from current and past injuries.
  • Injury prevention and faster recovery.
  • Decrease in scar tissue.
  • Muscles will return to their original flexible state, resulting in greater efficiency.
  • Improve posture and alignment.
  • Reduce tension headaches and reduce soreness.

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