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If you are a personal trainer or fitness instructor who has been looking for something different to keep your clients interested in their workouts, call us to set up a tour of our studio. Pole Dancing is complementary to any women’s fitness program, just like yoga, spin or kickboxing. We don’t expect women to replace their fitness regimen with Pole Dancing, but we believe they may take a renewed interest in all their physical activity because it all helps them elevate their skills in Pole Dancing, which makes them feel sexy. We do offer a unique environment, however, where women feel completely comfortable to be women — from the way they dress, to the things they talk about, to the music and the moves, this program is for women only. Come see for yourself and discover why what was once viewed as taboo has become quite possibly the perfect workout for women! (And guys, if you have women clients, trust us; they will thank you for the referral!)

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