Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from the studio?

Unveiled Fitness studios have 7, 16 ft stationary and spinning poles in 2 low lit dance rooms, with white solid wood floors. We are far from the traditional gym atmosphere. Rooms have soft, red lighting to illuminate one’s skin and no mirrors. Our mission is to empower women to own their sensuality, let loose, all while getting a challenging workout.

How to redeem your Living Social Introductory Courses?

Vouchers may not be shared, each living social is valid for 2 Introductory Classes for one person. Click the Register for classes under the Classes and Schedule tab. Register into a Level 1 class as Unpaid. Bring your Voucher to the studio upon your first day of class to redeem. (Please allow 24 hours for cancellation or your class will be void)

What kind of women takes class?

Unveiled Fitness classes are for the everyday woman. Women that want to stay fit, have fun and get more comfortable in their body.

Is there an age?

Our only age restriction is that you are 18 years of age; we have students that range from 18-65.

What to wear?

Wear whatever you are comfortable working out in: yoga pants or shorts, and a tank-top or T-shirt. Eventually you will need shorts in order to climb and execute more advanced tricks. We provide the mats and you will start bare foot.

Do I need to be fit?

Unveiled Fitness classes are for women of every size and shape. The classes are designed to improve one’s overall fitness level; whether you are involved in an everyday gym routine or if you don’t have a fitness routine at all.

Do I need to have a dance background or be coordinated?

No, the fun of Unveiled Fitness is your body learns a new movement or “language” to express yourself. Movement is broken down to just the basics and built upon as you move through the levels. Everyone starts at a beginning level, in order to learn the new movement and pole work step-by-step.

What can I expect?

In your first class you will be led through a slow sensual warm-up, with a variation of abdominal exercises and planks based on level. You will then learn your first pole trick, the pole spin, and continue to learn a new trick each week, while perfecting the tricks from previous classes, and finally we put everything together in a dance routine.

Can I observe a class?

Classes cannot be observed, each student must participate in a class in order to preserve the privacy and comfort of each student.

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Unveiled Fitness

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