Why Pole Dancing?

Why Pole Dancing?

When one thinks of “women’s fitness,” it’s usually in the context of exercises designed to lose pounds, tighten those glutes or flatten the stomach — the things women seem to be most concerned about, physically. Sensuality and feeling sexy aren’t things women think about as part of the workout. Unveiled Fitness provides women a completely unique way to get in shape and boost their self-esteem at the same time.

Pole Dancing is one of the most comprehensive and results-oriented workouts possible. It demands the strength of gymnastics, the focus of Yoga and gets the heart racing better than any treadmill. What makes Pole Dancing so different, though, is that women don’t think of it as a workout. Instead, they are absorbed in the moves, the music, and the moment; free to express themselves in a way that they couldn’t imagine in a gym. The reality is, however, that Pole Dancing is a fantastic workout.

Despite its intensity and results, Pole Dancing moves at your pace. As your strength grows and your flexibility increases, you naturally want to try different moves; not just because they will further your toning and conditioning, but because there is something empowering and uniquely female about being able to perform Pole Dancing at a higher level. That’s why women find this kind of workout much more enjoyable and much easier to stick with. It is less of a requirement to stay fit and more of a guilty pleasure; something to look forward to rather than something forced. Results come faster when you enjoy what you are doing and we’re confident that you’ll keep coming back for the results and an experience that only a woman could appreciate.


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Our Classes

Unveiled Fitness is a concept in women’s workouts that truly focuses on the reason women go to the gym, diet, run, go to yoga, kick box, spin—it’s all to look better and build a strong self-image. But we don’t stop there. We want our members to be able to feel amazingly sexy during the workout. Our instructors turn the “taboo” of Pole Dancing into the best workout you’ve ever experienced. Every studio is different and we invite you to come see why we believe we offer the best environment and the most engaging, professional and supportive instructors around.

Unveiled Fitness really is a place Where Workouts are Beautiful.
Our Classes

“When I was asked to write a testimonial for Unveiled Fitness, I was excited and honored. I thought “I LOVE POLE DANCING”, so this shouldn’t be a difficult task, right? But once I sat down to write, I was flooded with emotions because I LOVE POLE DANCING! My start on this amazing journey was a birthday party to help celebrate a friend. I had always wanted to try a class, and this was the perfect reason. The lights were low, the music was loud, and it was as if no one was watching. Kristin and Christina walked us through an amazing workout followed by some fun tricks & spins! The party wasn’t half way over before I was trying to figure out how I could rearrange my schedule to start taking classes…and I haven’t stopped yet!
I am not going to lie, it was a challenge for me to just “let go” and feel my body, my movement, my emotions but I ALWAYS had the support of the teachers and other women in the class and eventually I “let go”. That is why I LOVE POLE DANCING – not for the amazing tricks (though they are fun), not for the great workout (though I have gotten stronger) but for the ability to find the inner dancer in me! I never want to stop…my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner…Thank you to all the teachers at Unveiled Fitness for taking me on this journey.”

– Nicole Quibodeaux

“When I was approached from my friend to meet Kristin Mason-Fredericks for an intro pole class I wasn’t sure if I was cut out for this type of exercise/dance. I assumed every girl in the class we size 0 and possibly professional stripers. I was completely wrong, Unveiled Fitness attracts every type of women; career driven mom’s, single young and mature woman. However, I was fearing the most was my self-esteem. I wasn’t sure if I was able to confront this and not sure if I was going to succeed.

We all have challenges we have to conquer within ourselves, some choose to ignore their inner desire to come out of their shell and some of us are brave enough to pursue our passion, inner beauty, and love for oneself; that is what I’ve gotten out of Unveiled Fitness. Kristin has given me the tools to unlock the inner person who I’ve been hiding. Finding the inner person has been liberating for me, I’ve used these tools in relationships and allowed myself to give 100% of myself. My experience at Unveiled Fitness has been incredible, I’ve met amazing women who I can call friends, in which the class has created an atmosphere of electrifying energy, along with the elegant tasteful studio, and experienced instructors who I feel that I can rely on.

Along with everything I’ve recently experienced I’ve had other obstacles that I’ve had to conquer, my weight was the culprit as to why I was hiding myself. Now with my new found body I’ve been able to self express myself during my improv dance, using core strength and upper body strength during our exercises has helped my body sculpt. I have found a combination of self appreciation, acceptance and love for myself. I am now portraying this new confidence throughout my aura. It is said, “Be Confident, Be Yourself and you’ll be Noticed” that’s what Kristin from Unveiled Fitness represents and offers to all women.”Click here to Read WOMAN IN THE MORROR by Diane.

– Diane Carrillo

“I’ve wanted to take pole dancing classes for a long time now, but have always been shy about it. I think most of it has to do with me being very uncoordinated, and the other is being uncoordinated while others watch you! I can’t swing my hip or whip my hair in front of the boyfriend let alone do it in front of a bunch of strangers! Lisa T. convinced me to take one class to test out the waters and bring out my inner sensual side. I was sold after Kelly’s intro class! Everything I thought was once scary is now fun! The dim lights, the dark walls, and the great people around you makes it easier to let go of the fears. I would come home bruised, beaten up, and sore in places I never knew can even be sore! Yet, I’m always looking forward to the next class. Emotionally, this experienced has changed me. I feel more sexy and I’m not at all shy when it comes to swinging that hip and whipping my hair while walking across the room, even in broad daylight! Physically, I feel great! I’m still working on toning up and I think with a few more classes I’ll have the body I want and the strength I need to climb that pole! Everyone is so encouraging, amazing and extremely inspiring. Unlike going to my normal gym, I look forward to going to see the girls and learn new tricks! The classes are like a drug, it makes you happy each time you go! You’re surrounded by wonderful people in a very homely environment. I’m so addicted that I even bought a pole for the house!”

– Stacie Tran

“When I moved to Orange County, I was friendless and hobbyless and had always wanted to try something different. I decided to look into pole dancing, and ran across Unveiled Fitness. I figured I would be very uncomfortable, and was more than a little concerned about what people would think of my new hobby. I finally had decided to try it, and I was terrified! What would the other students would be like? Would they be snobby fitness freaks? Would they judge me and my fairly conservative opinions? NOT AT ALL! I have found an incredibly talented, diverse and encouraging group of women. I have met so many people of all walks of life. There is no negativity or judgement, and we are all there for a common purpose. Pole dancing has literally changed my life, I am absolutely obsessed! I have never felt so in tune to my body and my emotions, or linked to other women through a shared passion. The instructors are so knowledgeable and supportive, there is never any fear of insult or injury on their watch. They are truly amazing in their efforts to encourage you to go outside your comfort zone.This is a class you take to challenge not only your body, but your soul. I never imagined that my new hobby would turn into an amazing adventure that I don’t think I will ever let go of. I am time and time again amazed and inspired by my fellow pole ladies, and have learned so much about myself. I can’t stop telling all the women I know about Unveiled Fitness, and encourage every woman…no matter what age or size or capability…to push themselves and try this incredible class.”

– Rachel Sherman